Heart of Rahab Program

Women looking for a new beginning come to the Raha's Heart to learn the skills necessary to thrive and the tools to succeed in order to provide a bright future for themselves and their families. 


Once  accepted into the Heart of Rahab Program, each woman receives an individualized evaluation followed by a targeted action plan designed to help her grow into her new future. 

We offer academic and career assessments.   We strive to ensure that each woman receives the skills needed to be successful for a long-term future. 

As part of the healing process we offer, Her Journey Program which is a 15-week faith-based program that takes women through the journey of healing based on Psalm 23. It is designed to assist women in healing from current or past abusive or controlling relationships. 

Personal Development and Goal Setting are key to each woman’s success in the Heart of Rahab Program.  These steps help break down barriers blocking their path to success.

Banking and Budgeting are the final steps of the Heart of Rahab Program. We teach  the 10/10/80 rule. The 10-10-80 budget is built on the premise that a household requires no more than 80 percent of its earnings to live comfortably. Women who subscribe to this budgeting plan set aside 80 percent of their  paychecks for food, utilities, rent, clothing and other necessities. Then gives 10 of the remaining 20 percent to charity, and the rest goes into a savings or investment account for the future. Understanding financing and household budgeting is a major key to everyone’s success. 

Heart of Rahab Program is built on biblical principles.  We accept all women no matter their spiritual beliefs, we are open to women that are ready for a successful long-term future. 

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